Piano Lessons

Individually designed to help students gain proficiency in  musical and pianistic skills

Who can participate in piano lessons

Piano lessons are open to any student ages 5 and older who want to learn to play the piano!


Lesson Structure

Fingerprints Studio offers the following to each of its students in a semester: 

  • 16 private lessons
  • 4 group lessons
  • 1 recital

Fingerprint’s lesson structure is slightly unique with students taking both private and group lessons. Students receive individualized instruction during weekly private lessons that help advance their technical and literacy skills, then spend time in monthly group lessons working on special projects, engaging in collaborative music-making, performing for their peers, and playing fun games! The combination has proven to be a successful and enjoyable one for the students!


About the curriculum

Fingerprints Studio is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive curriculum in an effort to train musicians with experience in a wide variety of musical facets. Students receive instruction in all of the below topics:

  • Piano technique
  • Music literacy
  • Music theory
  • Sight reading
  • Ear training
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Musical performance
  • Music history