What students and parents say

  • “I always felt that Sarah was on my side and wanted me to succeed.” – Allison, age 13
  • “Sarah helped me understand and perform the music.” – Rebekah, age 11
  • “I like taking piano from Miss Sarah because she’s really nice, really patient, and she makes it very fun.” – Joley, age 10
  • “My favorite thing about having Miss Sarah as a teacher was the fun ways she taught me like playing games during my lesson and sending home activities to do.” – Kaidynce, age 12
  • “I like how she never gave up on me and patiently taught me to play the piano.” – Jacob, age 7
  • “Sarah always pushed me to do my best and keep growing musically. She supported me and is one of my favorite teachers.” – Nichole, age 18


  • “As a mom I liked how Sarah specifically encouraged her [the student] to practice. For example instead of saying practice 30 minutes at a time she was fine with 10 minutes before school and 10 minutes before bed.” – Rebecca
  • “Sarah was always prepared to teach my children, and she was flexible in her teaching style to meet each of my children’s music needs.  She is professional, and it is obvious that she loves the piano and teaching. She took the time to get to know my children and planned and implemented strategies to help them be successful.” – Melissa